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Sean Gallagher's Basic Anatomy I for Pilates Teachers. Understanding Posture the Pilates Way - Section 1

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Basic Anatomy Course Outline

Here is what you'll learn:

Course Objectives

This Anatomy course introduces the student to the terminology and language of anatomy and kinesiology, the tissues, structures, and functions of the skeletal and muscular systems of the body. The student will also learn to: recognize and define anatomical structures on his/her own body and his/her classmates. Be able to recognize postural imbalances of the vertebral column, shoulders, hips, and lower extremities. Asses what effect these imbalances may have on alignment and the teaching of Pilates. Develop basic strategies for working with these imbalances.

Evaluation of student performance is through quizzes, attendance, homework projects and class participation. By the end of the course the student will be able to:

1. List and define the major planes of the body, terms of position and direction, terms of joint movements, and types of synovial joints.

2. Identify the structures and tissues of synovial joints and long bones.

3. Identify the structures and tissues of synovial joints and long bones.

4. List and describe types of muscle contraction.

5. Identify, palpate (on one’s self), and list the major bones of the skeleton,

name the major joints formed by these bones, and list and perform the actions available at these joints.

6. Develop an understanding of the connections between the skeleton, alignment, open and closed chain functional relationships and stability mobility balance

7. Describe correct alignment and efficient posture in relationship to ADL's and athletic performance, generally.

8. Assess, through clothing, the posture of a fellow student through visual identification of major bony landmarks on the student’s body.

9. Describe the composition and physical properties of muscle tissue, fascia, ligaments, and tendons.

10. Identify, palpate (on one’s self), and list major muscles and muscle groups acting on the upper powerhouse and lower powerhouse of the axial skeleton, hip and lower extremities, and shoulder joint and upper extremities.

11. Describe and perform the actions of these muscles at their joints in relationship to stability/mobility balance.

12. Create and present a plan for improving posture, range of motion, and/or pilates technique by utilizing the information and skills, above.


About Sean P. Gallagher, BFA, PT, CPT, CFP, MA

Sean Gallagher has taught anatomy in the university setting for 26 years including:

·     1 year at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia to the dance majors.

·     8 years as a Gross anatomy assistance professor and 1 year as the professor at New York

University's Physical Therapy program. 

·     9 years at The New Schools dance program (Sean also taught Pilates mat class to dance

students the whole time he was there). 

·     4 years teaching anatomy and Pilates mat to the dance majors at Marymount Manhattan

College where he also and developed, implemented and taught a Somatics self care class

for the dance program.

As the 5th owner of Joe's original studio business Sean is the linear inheritor of the pilates legacy after Romana Kryzanowska to carry on Joe's life work. With the Pilates Source™ he is bringing Joe's life work, apparatus, studio and teachings back to life. With the help of Elaine Ewing, the Pilates Source™ has developed Pilates at the Pillow™ conferences that are steeped in authenticity, history and foundational pilates education from his archives, property and apparatus - all in a setting where Joe dreamed of building a health spa and training center for the world to come and experience his unique body conditioning system.

Sean and his other company, Performing Arts Physical Therapy, have provided rehabilitation services backstage to over 180 Broadway shows, off Broadway, touring Broadway companies, Dance companies, The Juilliard School, S.U.N.Y Purchase, and other venues. 

Sean received a BFA in dance and a BS in Physical Therapy at the same time from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1986, was certified as a Pilates teacher by Romana Kryzanowska having studied and working with her for over 12 years developing the first ever comprehensive professional pilates teacher training program, Became a Feldenkrais practitioner in 1992, and completed a MA in clinical Nutrition from Bridgeport University in 2012. In his free time he collects old book on exercise, medicine and health. He also enjoys bringing Joe's original Becket studio back to life (with the help of so many pilates people in the community).

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